Pod To Pluto: The Brand New Novelization Of The Story Is Now Available To Buy

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  • Song Name: Pod To Pluto: The Full Length Novel - Available Now Via Amazon
  • Artist: Peter Richard Adams
  • Album: Pod To Pluto
  • Year: 2023

‘Pod To Pluto’ is back! But this time in book form!!

Available to buy right now as an ebook or paperback; “Pod To Pluto - The Last Day” is the new full length novelisation of our scifi comedy sitcom audiodrama, written by Peter Richard Adams. Read all about Jeimma & Pod’s five-year round trip to Pluto to switch off a lightbulb over 314 pages in a bigger, better and much more expanded story!

You can buy it right now via Amazon:
International Link: https://mybook.to/podtopluto
UK Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0CL54NJRB

Artwork by Andy Dickinson at ‘The Quill Design’.

Thanks to Laura England and Wayne Russell for helping us to record this new little message for you.

If you’ve read the book, we’d love to let us know what you think. Should we write another volume of this epic tale in the future?

Stay special everyone and thanks so much for listening!