Pod To Pluto: EP21 - Family Day

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  • Song Name: Pod To Pluto: EP21 - Family Day
  • Artist: Peter Richard Adams
  • Album: Pod To Pluto
  • Year: 2022

Having crashed upon the surface of Pluto, Jemima and Pod are shocked to discover that nothing happening on the planet is what they were expecting. Soon Jemima finds herself battling sudden fame, political upheaval and an entire country brainwashed by Saranex five. Pod meanwhile, is about to discover what happens when you are surplus to requirements.

...and then a mysterious character from Jemima’s past reappears. With pastry!

Welcome to the penultimate episode our fullcast cinematic scifi comedy podcast audiodrama; about a space engineer and a sarcastic AI on a 4 billion mile trip to Pluto to go turn off a lightbulb. Starring Laura England as Jemima Belafonte and Wayne Russell as Pod.