Pod To Pluto: EP14 - Day Hard

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  • Song Name: Pod To Pluto: EP14 - Day Hard
  • Artist: Peter Richard Adams
  • Album: Pod To Pluto
  • Year: 2019

Out in deep space on Christmas Eve; devious moon gangsters have seized control of the engineering vessel and taken Jemima hostage! All they want to do is drink a glass of festive Glühwein; steal back an object taken from the garbage belt and then blow-up the ship into a million pieces!

But Pod has managed to escape detection and slipped away. Armed only with his Christmas-chicken and mastery of a game called ‘Donkey Balls’, Pod launches his own one-computer war against the moon gangsters to save the day!

So join us for this Audiodrama, Audiofiction, Comedy Podcast, Christmas Special of ‘Pod To Pluto’, in which any similarity to the classic yuletide tale of ‘The Die Hard’ is purely intentional!