Pod To Pluto: EP9 - It's My Birthday

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  • Song Name: Pod To Pluto: Ep9 - It's My Birthday
  • Artist: Peter Richard Adams
  • Album: Pod To Pluto
  • Year: 2019

A birthday comes but once a deep space solar cycle for Pod, who was born 23 years ago today! Pod still thinks it looks just as glistening and new as that moment when the Astro Dock Mid-Wifery team handed it to his mummy, who flicked it’s engage button while his father cut the umbilical matrix (it really was horrible what happened to his father). However, Jemima thinks Pod can’t celebrate a birthday, given that it’s nothing but a hulking, almost decrepit mass of pig iron with no soul and no appreciation of the human condition.

But if that’s the case, why is everyone so keen to congratulate it today?